Texas Holdem Strategy

To become a winning online poker player you must first learn how to execute good poker strategy. The basics of Texas Hold’em is simple to learn, but it takes discipline to master and that’s where strategy can come in to play. Like all online poker players your ability to execute good strategy will determine how good you are and what sort of results you have.

My first piece of advice to beginners of Texas Hold’em Poker is to play strong hands and do so aggressively by raising the pot. Depending on the size of the blinds I’ll raise any where from four to eight times the size of the big blind. This will usually get rid of the players that are holding garbage hands. Just don’t play too aggressively. By that I mean going all-in everytime you get pocket Aces, that is likely to prompt other players to fold at the earliest opportunity. Most online players play way too many hands and you want to get those that do to fold before the flop.

By strong hands I’m talking mid to high pairs and Ace-Jack (Personally I hate Ace-Jack and play it with caution) to Ace-King. For more info just click the best starting poker hands. There are many online poker players that will play any ace regardless of the size of the kicker ( the other card they are holding ) and then get beat because their kicker was too small. So always make sure you have a strong kicker for those instances when you pair that ace up. And always remember that it’s the top five cards that win that prize at the end, the pot.

The next thing is to pay attention to how the rest of the online poker players at your table are playing. Do they bluff a lot and if they do when? I like to try and set a table image of being a tight player myself. I do that by using the “tools” that the poker room offers me. An example would be Carbon Poker’s show one or two card feature. What I do is show my strong hand after everyone folds every so often. That sets an image in the other players mind that I only play strong hands and do not bluff. That gives me the opportunity to pull off a well played bluff at a later time when I may need to.

Here are few more strategy rules for Online Texas Hold’em that you should bare in mind while playing .

Bankroll Management – I think bankroll management is very critical to becoming a winning online poker player. Always practice good bankroll management.It’s best to only play with 10% of your bankroll in any one session. The big advantage to bringing only 10% of your bankroll to the felt is that you can’t lose more than that if things go bad.

See Less Flops – You should only be playing about 25% of hands which is a rule of online poker that nearly everyone violates.

Don’t Call – You should be aggressive which means betting or raising. Calling means the other guy is in control.

Mix It Up – As you become more experienced at playing poker mix it up, the less of a “read” (knowing your style of play) your opponents have on you the more unpredictable you become at the table.

Don’t Be Scared to Fold – As the old song “The Gambler” states, “know when to fold’em and know when to walk away”. A good fold can save you more money than a good bet will make you.

Don’t be Distracted – Many players get distracted in online poker by doing several thing at once. Talking on the phone, reading emails, and even playing several tables at once. Let your opponents be the ones who make big mistakes because of being distracted.

Learn the Software – Always learn the software of the online poker site you have chosen to play at. You can do so by playing the play money games at most every online room .

No Friendships in Poker – When playing poker there are no friends at the “felt” (table) . Always play friends at the table as you would anyone else. The game is poker and should be played as poker regardless of who you are playing against, to do otherwise is a form of collusion, and that is against the rules at any reputable poker room.