Earn Those Poker Bonuses

Beginners to online poker may not know that you can earn free money while playing. Most every online poker room offers a first time deposit bonus as a way to welcome you to their site. This is free money that everyone playing online poker should take full advantage of. Two of the first things I tell beginners is to play smart solid poker and make sure to use the bonus offers .

The first bonus you can earn is usually known as the first time depositors bonus. Some poker sites have a standard bonus for all new players. But many of the sites, like Carbon Poker, have different bonuses that require you to use a code to get the bonus, like “CARBONPK”. Many of the online poker rooms even give the added bonus of free tournaments to those that make that deposit. You might receive a coupon that allows you to play in a new depositor freeroll. That alone can add to your bankroll.

Just don’t think all this money is just put into your players account all at once, because it’s not. There are rules to getting the free bonus money and all the poker sites have pretty much the same terms. But I do find Carbon’s to be one of the easiest rooms to earn that money, hence the reason I will use them as the example.

When making a first deposit with CarbonPoker a player could use the special Initial Deposit Bonus code “CARBONPK” to earn a 200% bonus of up to $5,000. That’s $5,000 free cash on your first deposit of up to $2,500. The bonus money will come in stages by way of VIP points earned. VIP points are earned for every hand you play in real money games and the amount you earn depends on the stakes you are playing. So the higher stakes games will earn you more comp points than micro limit games. Most sites will also expire the bonus if you make a withdrawal. So make sure to earn all the bonus BEFORE withdrawing to get the full advantage of it.

At Carbon you get $1 free for every 150 VIP points and the bonus is paid in $5 increments. For example, if you deposit $2,500.00 by using the CarbonPoker Bonus Code, you will automatically receive $5 in FREE cash every time you accumulate 750 VIP points (150 VIP Pts for every $1). That’s money that you would not have earned without the bonus! The VIP points also accumulate and can be used for entry into freerolls and guaranteeds at Carbon Poker.

Another thing I like at Carbon Poker that you don’t find at every online poker room is they have a monthly reload bonus EVERY MONTH that you can use to earn free bonus money as well. Once you are a registered player the room sends the reload codes out by way of a monthly newsletter to your e-mail.

Regardless of where you play online poker, remember to take full advantage of the added bonuses. This is money that will add up. It can even be the difference between being a winning or a losing player when it comes to the size of your bankroll!